Trump is 0-3 After 64 Days

With the defeat in Congress of efforts to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, Donald Trump must face his third major loss in little over two months in office. Two of his executive orders banning immigration by Muslims have been struck down by the courts,  and now Republican health care proposals are revealed to be fraudulent. The GOP is a reactionary, protest party, not a governing party, and has no consensus plan to improve health care for Americans. A president’s power is usually at its apogee in the first 100 days, but Trump can’t even staff his administration in a timely manner. His major accomplishment may turn out to be that it’s a great opportunity to rebuild the congressional wing of the Democratic Party, retake the House in 2018 and possibly the Senate.

“By the time Trump has departed the Oval Office, they (Republicans) will look longingly at a staid, boxed-in Clinton presidency as a road not taken,” writes Jonathan Chait.


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