Ted Kennedy’s Unheralded Accomplishments As History’s Most Effective US Senator

"The Edward M. Kennedy Oral History Project, created in partnership with the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia, is a compilation of interviews from current and former members of the Senate, House, administration officials, foreign leaders, Senate staff, issue advocates, journalists, family and friends documenting Senator Kennedy’s service." New details if... Continue Reading →

America A Revolutionary Society?

“I think we (Americans) were — and are — the revolutionary society. No country, no culture, no history has ever made the progress that we’ve made on race and religion, on ethnicity, on women, on disability and also, now I think, in terms of gay rights." -- Edward M. Kennedy oral history, recorded in 2004.

Visionary Leader: Robert F. Kennedy

Especially interesting to American political history buffs like me is this interview of Robert Kennedy by the BBC's David Frost in 1968, shortly before Kennedy was assassinated, posted by JackHurston under the headline, "Do they make politicians like this anymore?" Now on Youtube.com Frost, you may remember, did the classic interview with Richard Nixon, which... Continue Reading →

The Lyndon Johnson Tapes: A ‘You Are There’ Feel, Behind the Scenes Account of a Presidency

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGg5XFkHjdY Based on 600 hours of tapes released from the LBJ Library, it has a "you are there" quality, listening in through LBJ's tapped phones. The documentary is narrated by Jack Smith, Howard K. Smith's son, from a script written by British historian Charles Wheeler. The Youtube posting above is divided into three documentaries of... Continue Reading →

Ronald Reagan the Liberal; JFK the Conservative

The Republican Party's nostalgia for Ronald Reagan, their most popular president in modern memory, has grown since he left office in 1989. Thanks to his background as an actor, his ability to speak with humor, tell well-spun anecdotes (true or not) and literary-minded speechwriters like Peggy Noonan, Reagan was without question a "great communicator" that... Continue Reading →

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