Social Media Is Hurting Democracy

Liberals and conservatives have one thing in common: zero interest in learning how and what those they disagree with actually think. Click. "Talking past each other is deeply unhealthy for our entire political system. A functioning democracy requires that citizens make informed choices — which voters can’t do if their information sources are ideologically monochromatic.... Continue Reading →


Descent into Trolling

FB page of a "conservative friend" today has numerous posts from his network ridiculing citizens exercising their constitutional rights as if they have no legitimate reason to protest, defending executive orders that courts have declared illegal, and trading barbs over which political ideology is a mental disorder. His compatriots declare taxation is theft and the... Continue Reading →

America is Downgraded to ‘Flawed Democracy’

"The Economist Intelligence Unit downgraded the United States to a 'flawed democracy,' reflecting record levels of political polarization and a widespread lack of confidence in government. But things may not be as bleak as they appear...Some observers see hope for the future in local, community-oriented efforts to promote civic engagement and a sense of unity. "

Americans Must Learn to Argue Better, Serve Together

Bringing together members of Red and Blue (political) tribes for face-to-face conversations, often over a meal, is one way to repair America's social fabric and pull people out of social media echo chambers. That's the mission of Better Angels, a non-profit. With the rising climate of contempt in America, bridge-building and reconciliation activities seem increasingly necessary. David Brooks, NYT... Continue Reading →

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A Critical Eye on Democracy

"If most voters are uninformed, who should make decisions about the public’s welfare?" asks Caleb Crain in a thoughtful essay, "None of the Above: the Case Against Democracy" in The New Yorker. He explores the reflections of Plato, John Stuart Mill, James Madison, and modern academics about democracy. The most compelling reason to vote for... Continue Reading →

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