In 2012, Dems Gained 2 Seats, for 53-Seat Majority

US Senate 2012 winners (Class of 2006/2012/2018),_2012 In 2012 election, Democrats gained two Senate seats, for a total of 53 seats. Republicans lost two seats, for a total of 45 seats, despite the fact that more Democratic seats were up. Biggest surprises were primary loss in Indiana of Republican Senator Richard Lugar; Democrats gained back Massachusetts,... Continue Reading →


Why Romney Lost in 2012 — Same Reasons Kerry Lost in 2004

Living outside the US, I did not follow the 2012 presidential campaign as obsessively as I have followed previous elections. Well before Mitt Romney secured the GOP  nomination, it seemed obvious to me there was little drama to this election cycle, and little doubt about the outcome: the Republican was going to lose the presidency,... Continue Reading →

Republicans’ Buyers Remorse

George Will: "The Republicans have now nominated someone from the financial sector at a time when the financial sector is in extremely bad odor. Hardly a day goes by, the LIBOR scandal, TARP, that conditioned the country to believe that we're allowing the banks to keep profits private and socializing losses." Drill Deeper: 56 Republican... Continue Reading →

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