In 2012, Dems Gained 2 Seats, for 53-Seat Majority

US Senate 2012 winners (Class of 2006/2012/2018),_2012 In 2012 election, Democrats gained two Senate seats, for a total of 53 seats. Republicans lost two seats, for a total of 45 seats, despite the fact that more Democratic seats were up. Biggest surprises were primary loss in Indiana of Republican Senator Richard Lugar; Democrats gained back Massachusetts,... Continue Reading →

Republicans’ Buyers Remorse

George Will: "The Republicans have now nominated someone from the financial sector at a time when the financial sector is in extremely bad odor. Hardly a day goes by, the LIBOR scandal, TARP, that conditioned the country to believe that we're allowing the banks to keep profits private and socializing losses." Drill Deeper: 56 Republican... Continue Reading →

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