Essential Viewing: ‘Warm Springs’ Biography of Franklin Roosevelt

The 2005 award-winning film "Warm Springs," about Franklin Delano Roosevelt's struggle with polio, beginning in 1921, is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.  It is well worth your time, not only as a portrait of one of America's greatest presidents but as a portrait of America before any social safety net for the poor and... Continue Reading →


Significance of Hillary Invoking FDR As Mentor

Hillary Clinton chose Franklin Roosevelt Island in New York City as the venue for her announcement speech, setting up FDR as her own mentor and invoking his Four Freedoms as "a testament to our nation's unmatched aspirations and a reminder of our unfinished work at home and abroad." What disturbs me about some contemporary conservatives is... Continue Reading →

Teddy Roosevelt and the Legacy of ‘Class Warfare’ When Teddy Roosevelt became president in 1901, he was far less powerful than J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, and other robber barons. When TR dared to take them on - suing to block the Northern Securities merger, & standing up for justice for strikers instead of just siding with management, there was a huge outcry. But he... Continue Reading →

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