George Washington, Other Founders and the British Warned Against the Dangers of Hyper-Partisanship

This latest government shutdown, combined with the full extent of Donald Trump's Russia connections should spark a revulsion against hyper-partisanship, and create an opening for an independent candidate like former Ohio governor John Kasich. He might actually win the 2020 election if Democrats are divided. Kasich, running as an independent, could constantly quote George Washington, John... Continue Reading →

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GOP Senators Face Quandary Over Trump

A major political drama of 2019-20 is whether Democrats do deals with Donald Trump and whether Republicans express any independence or push-back to Trump. Democrats could find common ground with Trump on immigration, infrastructure, Obamacare and taxes. Such deals may anger the Republican base. GOP Senators, particularly from swing states such as Maine, Colorado, Iowa,... Continue Reading →

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Cracks in the Wall of Trumpism, Part 1

In the nearly 230-year history of the American presidency, the chaos, turnover and blistering critiques from aides in the first two years of the Trump administration are entirely unprecedented. Never has an administration suffered so much "friendly fire" from its own lieutenants. Details. On January 1, 2019, Mitt Romney, senator from Utah, excoriates Trump's character in a... Continue Reading →

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Prediction: Tribal, Hyper-partisan Responses to Mueller Report

Prediction: No matter the evidence presented by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, even if he collects conclusive evidence of conspiracy, collaboration with the Russians, bribery, tax evasion and fraud by Donald Trump, Republican senators will not vote to remove him from office. If Mueller wounds Trump but not mortally, it will be in the political interests... Continue Reading →

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7 Phases of American Political Party Systems. US Is Ripe for One-Term Presidency. Patterns of Political History: Every Action Creates Reaction. 10 Ways Conservatives Have Abandoned Principles for Raw Power. Cracks in the Wall of Trumpism, Part One. 400 Years of American Politics, Starting At Plymouth Rock.

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2018 State Political Trends. Why Did Democrats Lose Senate Seats?

Missouri, Tennessee, Florida, North Dakota and Indiana continue to trend Republican because Democrats don't seem to have a strategy to appeal to rural voters, or those who work in manufacturing. Arizona and Nevada are now trending Democratic because Republicans seem anti-immigrant. West Virginia and Montana, despite their support for Trump, continue to elect Democratic senators.... Continue Reading →

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Can Mississippi Ever Overcome White Supremacist Image?

Mississippi has been a one-party white supremacist state since post-reconstruction days. It was solidly segregationist Democrat state for nearly 100 years, until the 1980s. It supported Southerner Jimmy Carter, who denounced segregation, in 1976, but then switched to Ronald Reagan in 1980. It has remained predictably Republican in national politics ever since. Mike Espy, an... Continue Reading →

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