Prediction: Tribal, Hyper-partisan Responses to Mueller Report

Prediction: No matter the evidence presented by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, even if he collects conclusive evidence of conspiracy, collaboration with the Russians, bribery, tax evasion and fraud by Donald Trump, Republican senators will not vote to remove him from office. If Mueller wounds Trump but not mortally, it will be in the political interests... Continue Reading →

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GOP Senators Face Quandary Over Trump

A major political drama of 2019-20 is whether the Republican Party in the US Senate offers any independence or pushback to Donald Trump. GOP Senators from Maine, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, and Arizona would probably be the first to voice doubts about Trump, as their seats are most at risk in 2020. Democrats in 2020... Continue Reading →

Cracks in the Wall of Trumpism, Part 1

Republican consultant Steve Schmidt on the threat to democracy from Trump: Trump will “burn down everything” to save himself from the Russia investigation, he says, and America is headed for a constitutional crisis. Below, he says Republicans are "blindly loyal" to Trump, have "surrendered their intellectual autonomy" to the president and are on their way... Continue Reading →

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