400 Years of American Politics, Starting at Plymouth

If politics begins with conflict -- the jockeying for power among factions for resources, land, cultural dominance, social control, and governmental policies -- one might say that American politics began in the early 1600s, with the first encounter between English settlers and Native Americans. That's when the American Indian Wars began sporadically. In origin-of-America mythology,... Continue Reading →

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Deficit Hawks Abandon Principle

It's sadly hilarious to witness the blatant hypocrisy of self-described "fiscal conservatives" who railed against budget deficits during the Obama administration as if he was going to bring about financial Armageddon, who now brag about slashing taxes and support Donald Trump's plan to blow a $7 trillion dollar hole in the nation's budget. The Trump... Continue Reading →

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Americans Must Learn to Argue Better, Serve Together

Bringing together members of Red and Blue (political) tribes for face-to-face conversations, often over a meal, is one way to repair America's social fabric and pull people out of social media echo chambers. That's the mission of Better Angels, a non-profit. With the rising climate of contempt in America, bridge-building and reconciliation activities seem increasingly necessary. David Brooks, NYT... Continue Reading →

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Tracking Policy Reversals by Conservatives and Liberals

What I can't stand about current political coverage is that it lacks perspective. Hysterical reactions to the 24-hour news cycle and sound bites, self-serving statements applied without principle or consistency, almost tribal reactions against "the other" party, ideology or interest group, too little actual listening to people we disagree with, obsessive attention to inaccurate polls that... Continue Reading →

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Both Conservatism & Liberalism Have Logical Flaws

"American Conservatism: An Encyclopedia" attempts to trace the intellectual history of American conservatism. Larry Arnhart in five articles contended that Darwinian science supports conservative social thought, but as he concedes, the far more dominant view among conservatives is to scorn science (hence, the deep skepticism among conservatives toward global warming). Peter Augustine Lawler wrote that American... Continue Reading →

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Aristocracy Vs. Democracy in the US

“We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both.” -- Legendary US Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis (Supreme Court justice from 1916-1939). "Until we address this issue of concentrated economic power – be it in the hands of oil barons or tech... Continue Reading →

US Interventions Since the 1950s

To understand why much of the world has a love-hate relationship with the United States, one needs only to delve deeper into the litany of US interventions since the 1950s that Suzy Hansen chronicled in The (UK) Guardian, in an article titled: "Unlearning the Myth of American Innocence": The sheer number of international interventions the US launched in... Continue Reading →

‘The Dying Art of Disagreement’

"To say, I disagree; I refuse; you’re wrong;...these are the words that define our individuality, give us our freedom, enjoin our tolerance, enlarge our perspectives, seize our attention, energize our progress, make our democracies real, and give hope and courage to oppressed people everywhere...And the problem, as I see it, is that we’re failing at... Continue Reading →

Democratic Leaders for the Future

It's time for progressives to turn the page from mourning Hillary Clinton's loss, Bernie Sanders' loss, and Donald Trump's win. Here are 10 national Democratic leaders for the future, according to Mother Jones: CA. Senator Kamilla Harris, MN Senator Amy Klobuchar, IL Senator Tammy Duckworth, NJ Senator Cory Booker, NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, VA Senator Tim... Continue Reading →

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