George Washington, Other Founders Warned Against the Dangers of Hyper-Partisanship

George Washington, John Adams, other founders learned lessons from British history and warned against the dangers of hyper-partisanship. It can destroy the central government by stalemate and an inability to accomplish anything for the good of the nation, for fear of giving "the other party" credit. Hyper-partisanship leads to the “ruins of public liberty,” our... Continue Reading →

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Cracks in the Foundation of Trumpism

In the nearly 230-year history of the American presidency, the chaos, turnover and blistering critiques from aides in the Trump administration are entirely unprecedented. Rarely, if ever, has an administration suffered so much "friendly fire" from its own lieutenants and party members. Details. "The sheer volume of allegations lodged against Mr. Trump and his circle defies... Continue Reading →

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7 Phases of American Political Party Systems. US Is Ripe for One-Term Presidency. Patterns of Political History: Significant Actions Create Negative Reactions. 10 Ways Conservatives Have Abandoned Principles for Raw Power. Cracks in the Foundation of Trumpism. 400 Years of American Politics, Starting At Plymouth Rock.

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Any Common Ground After Mueller Report Release?

It is not in Democrats political interests to impeach Trump. It is not in conservatives' interests to ignore an imperial presidency that is above the law. Principles first. Might partisans agree that it should be explicitly illegal for a presidential campaign to accept the (illegal) support of a foreign adversary without alerting the FBI?

The Real Art of the Deal

“It is the politician’s task to pass legislation, not to sit around saying principled things.” -- Lyndon Johnson to biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin in Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream. Johnson was the master deal-maker who would never have considered an extra-legal maneuver like invoking emergency powers to divert funds from already appropriated projects to... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Warren, Populist and Democrats’ Thatcher, ‘If They Dare’

Elizabeth Warren, a populist and "conviction politician" among "flaccid centrist consensus" politicians, could be the Democrats' Margaret Thatcher, "if they dare," George Will writes. She has conservative roots. Born and raised in Oklahoma, she has lived in Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, (briefly in) Michigan, and settled in Massachusetts. She's a Methodist, a  Sunday school teacher. She... Continue Reading →

Is Kansas (Finally) Trending Democratic?

Ever since journalist and historian Thomas Frank published What's the Matter with Kansas? How Republicans Won the Heart of America in 2004, Democrats have deplored what they believed was the trend of working class citizens voting against their self-interest. But that trend may be abating. Arch-conservative governor Sam Brownback, who sought to create a red-state model... Continue Reading →

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