One-Man-Rule or Democracy? What’s at Stake in the Midterms

If Republicans maintain full control of Congress after November, what's to stop Trump from ordering the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller or other law enforcement officers who show independence or simply ask tough questions and hold Trump to account? What's to stop him from pardoning his cronies and himself of crimes that have been... Continue Reading →


Another Chance for Community Organizing in 2018 and 2020

Community organizer job opportunities are growing. Start-ups like Swing Left are seeking to create a national grassroots network of more than 300,000 volunteers to help take back the US House of Representatives by targeting theĀ 78 most competitive races, enough to flip party control and change the country's political agenda. One of the biggest disappointments of... Continue Reading →

What Is A ‘Wave Election’?

Carter Wrenn, a longtime Republican political strategist in North Carolina, expertly defined a "wave election" in this blog post: "One party's turnout plummets...Swing voters overwhelmingly vote for one party over another..."

NC Republicans Blatantly Discriminated, But Gerrymandered Maps Remain for 2018

Two federal court decisions significantly changeĀ NC politics. A federal appeals court in 2016 struck down North Carolina Republicans' voter-id law, charging that it "targeted African Americans with almost surgical precision." If the court had ruled the law constitutional, Republican Pat McCrory would probably have remained governor. He lost by 5,000 votes to Democrat Roy Cooper.... Continue Reading →

Democrats Target 50+ House Seats

Democrats need a 50-seat majority in the US House of Representatives to be fully in charge. They only need to flip 23 seats to win the House, but victory by a tiny margin will not likely lead to secure or confident leadership. A "blue wave" means they'd have to win 25 toss-ups and 25 leans-Republican... Continue Reading →

Dan McCready, in NC 9: Congressional Candidate to Watch

Dan McCready, a former Marine, and founder of a solar energy company in Charlotte, NC is running for Congress in the historically conservative ninth congressional district as a Democrat. Republicans had a knock-down, drag-out primary, and Tea Party preacher Mark Harris won the GOP nomination, beating incumbent Republican Robert Pettinger. The race has shifted from... Continue Reading →

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