Congress Playing Politics With Humanitarian Crisis

Everyone in Congress apparently agrees that what is happening on the border is a humanitarian tragedy and everyone apparently agrees that approximately $4.5 billion dollars in emergency funds need to get appropriated to, among other things, pay for baby food and diapers and blankets. Yet nothing is passed. The Demopublicans who rule the House and... Continue Reading →

Republican Party A Cult? Thoughtful Conservatives May Want to Vote Democratic

I hunger for well-reasoned conservatism. I find so few examples. The ideology has become so corrupted by a lust for power, destruction of the free market with tariffs, subsidies, support for too-big-to-fail financial institutions, socialism for the rich, predatory lending, hostility to consumers, crony capitalism, corporate welfare, monopolies, big banks, big business, big oil, multi-national... Continue Reading →

400 Years of American Politics, Starting at Plymouth

If politics begins with conflict -- the jockeying for power among factions for resources, land, cultural dominance, social control, and governmental policies -- one might say that American politics began in the early 1600s, with the first encounter between English settlers and Native Americans. That's when the American Indian Wars began sporadically. In origin-of-America mythology,... Continue Reading →

Trump Embodies America’s Worst Traditions

In the age of Obama, I believed that most or at least a majority of Americans had overcome, had been educated out of racism, prejudices, their worst fears and traditions. They would no longer embrace dangerous demagogues like Joe McCarthy and George Wallace, and would respond primarily to positive aspirations and to appeals to reason.... Continue Reading →

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