GOP Senators Face Quandary Over Trump

A major political drama of 2019-20 is whether Democrats do deals with Donald Trump and whether Republicans express any independence or pushback to Trump. Democrats could find common ground with Trump on infrastructure, Obamacare and taxes. Such deals may anger the Republican base. GOP Senators, particularly from swing states such as Maine, Colorado, Iowa, North... Continue Reading →


Unprincipled Power Grabs Are Normalized in Supreme Court Contests Through 2020s

Thanks to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who deprived President Obama's nominee, Judge Merrick Garland even a hearing, the Supreme Court is no longer above politics but a hyper-partisan instrument. For the foreseeable future, no president will be allowed to successfully nominate a candidate for the Supreme Court unless his party has at least a... Continue Reading →

John McCain’s Passing Symbolizes Diminishment of US Senate, Potential Renewal of Bipartisanship

Senator John McCain was independent-minded. He believed members of Congress were from a branch of government that was co-equal to the presidency, and that they could and should stand on principle, or seek grand compromises, despite partisan pressures, on issues as difficult as health care, immigration, gun violence. Like his colleague Edward Kennedy, he was... Continue Reading →

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