George Washington, Other Founders and the British Warned Against the Dangers of Hyper-Partisanship

This latest government shutdown, combined with the full extent of Donald Trump's Russia connections¬†should spark a revulsion against hyper-partisanship, and create an opening for an independent candidate like former Ohio governor John Kasich. He might actually win the 2020 election if Democrats are divided. Kasich, running as an independent, could constantly quote George Washington, John... Continue Reading →


Breaking Gridlock: Bipartisan Achievements in Obama’s Last 2 Years Are Few, But Do Exist

Despite its reputation for hyper-partisan dysfunction, polarization and gridlock, the 114th Congress did accomplish some significant things -- the most important being ¬†$1.75 billion for medical research into curing diseases, and speeding the drug and device approval process. WPost: Republicans boasted of their achievements over the past two years. Ryan reeled off a list including... Continue Reading →

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