Confessions of a Republican, 1964

This video is going viral in 2016. Forbes explains why. The similarities between 1964 nominee Barry Goldwater and Donald Trump are striking.


On Civil Rights Legacy of Lyndon Johnson, Obama Said It Well

Historian David Kaiser points out how the movie "Selma" has misrepresented the role of President Lyndon Johnson in the civil rights movement. Perhaps it was done for good artistic reasons -- the makers of the movie wanted to avoid turning Johnson into the traditional "great white hope" of Hollywood race movies, in which African Americans... Continue Reading →

The Lyndon Johnson Tapes: A ‘You Are There’ Feel, Behind the Scenes Account of a Presidency Based on 600 hours of tapes released from the LBJ Library, it has a "you are there" quality, listening in through LBJ's tapped phones. The documentary is narrated by Jack Smith, Howard K. Smith's son, from a script written by British historian Charles Wheeler. The Youtube posting above is divided into three documentaries of... Continue Reading →

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