Republican Party A Cult? Thoughtful Conservatives May Want to Vote Democratic

I hunger for well-reasoned conservatism. I find so few examples. The ideology has become so corrupted by a lust for power, destruction of the free market with tariffs, subsidies, support for too-big-to-fail financial institutions, socialism for the rich, predatory lending, hostility to consumers, crony capitalism, corporate welfare, monopolies, big banks, big business, big oil, multi-national... Continue Reading →

Cracks in the Foundation of Trumpism

In the nearly 230-year history of the American presidency, the chaos, turnover and blistering critiques from aides in the Trump administration are entirely unprecedented. Rarely, if ever, has an administration suffered so much "friendly fire" from its own lieutenants and party members. Details. "The sheer volume of allegations lodged against Mr. Trump and his circle defies... Continue Reading →

Conservative/Republican Angst Is Just Desserts

The conservative movement and Republican Party seem to be imploding with infighting over Donald Trump. Less than four months after Donald Trump took office, at least two Republican members of Congress are floating the idea of Trump's impeachment (Source:  Others are fantasizing about President Mike Pence. Conservative discussion boards are fraught with infighting, criticism of... Continue Reading →

American Conservatism Falls into Reactionary Defensiveness

Conservative columnist Charlie Sykes nails the dilemma of modern conservatism, which is abandoning principles in favor of a reflexive, reactionary defense of Donald Trump only because he annoys liberals. Ad hominem attacks have replaced logic, principles, and commitment to eternal values. This "anti-anti-Trumpism" is ultimately a dead end, he writes. "Conservatives will care less about governing... Continue Reading →

‘Trumpism’ May Be Temporary Setback

Ruy Teixeira is optimistic about a progressive triumph against Trump and the Republicans. "Liberals Will Beat Trump in the End," he wrote in Washington Post: "The dominant ideology in the United States is one that combines 'symbolic conservatism' (honoring tradition, distrusting novelty, embracing the conservative label) with “operational liberalism” (wanting government to take more action in... Continue Reading →

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