Crazies of the Left and Right Threaten Freedom

A long-time tactic of extremists and terrorists is to put mainstream "moderates" in a constant state of reaction, to essentially eliminate the middle by forcing people to choose between left-wing anarchists (or socialists and communists) engaging in violence to challenge what they perceive as an anti-democratic regime and right-wing fascists engaging in violence to defend... Continue Reading →


Was 2016 Election A Rebellion Against ‘Political Correctness’?

Living outside the US, I don't quite understand the debate over "political correctness." It seems to me there are excesses on both the left and the right. Robby Soave at, a libertarian publication,¬†claims Donald Trump sparked a counter-revolution against political correctness and that's why he won the election. Yet he admits that "political correctness"... Continue Reading →

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