What Is A ‘Wave Election’?

Carter Wrenn, a longtime Republican political strategist in North Carolina, expertly defined a "wave election" in this blog post: "One party's turnout plummets...Swing voters overwhelmingly vote for one party over another..."

NC Republicans Blatantly Discriminated, But Gerrymandered Maps Remain for 2018

Two federal court decisions significantly change NC politics. A federal appeals court in 2016 struck down North Carolina Republicans' voter-id law, charging that it "targeted African Americans with almost surgical precision." If the court had ruled the law constitutional, Republican Pat McCrory would probably have remained governor. He lost by 5,000 votes to Democrat Roy Cooper.... Continue Reading →

Political Profiles of the States, Swing States and Tracking Polls

Ballotpedia has published political profiles of each state, courtesy of the Almanac of American Politics 2016. Reading these profiles are essential to fully understanding American politics. The largest states lean heavily toward the Democrats: New York, Illinois (Chicago), the Northeast and the West Coast states (California, Washington, Oregon) are generally considered Democratic, in contrast to... Continue Reading →

Seeing Blue in NC

That's the title of an op-ed I wrote, published May 11, 2008 in the News and Observer, partially in reaction to David Broder's arrogant column, "Two Weeks of Trivia," in The Washington Post, writing off the importance of the North Carolina primary and claiming, without doing his homework or voter analysis, that NC is so... Continue Reading →

NC’s High Turnout and Front Row Seat for Democratic Presidential Primary Could Give Obama Chance to Carry the State in the Fall

In the once-in-a-lifetime Democratic presidential primary in North Carolina, with repeated visits by the candidates and former president Bill Clinton to cities and towns that had never seen a president, turnout was heavy. And it seems Senator Obama put together a remarkable coalition that included at least some working class, blue collar whites in urban,... Continue Reading →

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