Another Chance for Community Organizing in 2018 and 2020

One of the biggest disappointments of Barack Obama's presidency was that it did not engender a new wave of community organizers to sustain the president's agenda, and protect his veto-proof majority in the Congress, 2009-11. This failure ultimately spawned distrust and disenchantment with the system among progressives and the Bernie Sanders "movement." What a hopeful,... Continue Reading →


President’s Power Comes from the People, Obama Says in Farewell Address

Since 2015, if not since 2010, Americans have focused far too much time and attention on a "top-down approach" to politics, magnifying the importance of the presidency in a governmental system in which it holds only one-third of federal power (Congress and federal courts occupy the other two thirds), not to mention the power of... Continue Reading →

Breaking Gridlock: Bipartisan Achievements in Obama’s Last 2 Years Are Few, But Do Exist

Despite its reputation for hyper-partisan dysfunction, polarization and gridlock, the 114th Congress did accomplish some significant things -- the most important being  $1.75 billion for medical research into curing diseases, and speeding the drug and device approval process. WPost: Republicans boasted of their achievements over the past two years. Ryan reeled off a list including... Continue Reading →

US Is Less Free in 2016

The United States, in 2016, is one of 86 free countries in the world. Some 59 countries are partly free, according to Freedom House, and 50 are not free. However, the US "received a downward trend arrow because of the cumulative impact of flaws in the electoral system, a disturbing increase in the role of... Continue Reading →

53 Historians Weigh in on Obama

In the American political lexicon, Obama is turning out to be a moderate -- somewhat conservative, somewhat liberal, according to a New York magazine survey of 53 historians. This is typical of presidents: John Kennedy and Bill Clinton were partly conservative, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush were partly liberal, George H.W. Bush was only slightly... Continue Reading →

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