Why Do ‘Good People’ Stick With Trump?

Doug Chandler, a long-time friend and journalist, on Facebook observes that "how we view Trump's presidency goes beyond politics at this point and touches on who we are as people," It produced more than 100 comments.  He links to "the psychological dimension that blind Trump followers," mainly cognitive dissonance and compartmentalization, from The Washington Post. Another... Continue Reading →

Democracy Survived on Election Day 2018

Democrats, despite gerrymandering and the so-called problem of clustering, ultimately won more than 40 seats or 54 percent of the House of Representatives in the 116th Congress. They will hold 237 seats compared to 198 for Republicans -- 218 are needed to govern. The parties precisely reversed ratios in the House of Representatives from the previous Congress. Democratic gains... Continue Reading →

Cracks in the Foundation of Trumpism

In the nearly 230-year history of the American presidency, the chaos, turnover and blistering critiques from aides in the Trump administration are entirely unprecedented. Rarely, if ever, has an administration suffered so much "friendly fire" from its own lieutenants and party members. Details. "The sheer volume of allegations lodged against Mr. Trump and his circle defies... Continue Reading →

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