Democracy Survived on Election Day 2018

Democrats, despite gerrymandering and the so-called problem of clustering, ultimately won 40 seats seats or 54 percent of the House of Representatives in the 116th Congress. They will hold 237 seats compared to 198 for Republicans -- 218 are needed to govern. The parties precisely reversed ratios in the House of Representatives from the previous Congress. Democratic gains were... Continue Reading →


Cracks in the Wall of Trumpism, Part 1

Republican consultant Steve Schmidt on the threat to democracy from Trump: Trump will “burn down everything” to save himself from the Russia investigation, he says, and America is headed for a constitutional crisis. Below, he says Republicans are "blindly loyal" to Trump, have "surrendered their intellectual autonomy" to the president and are on their way... Continue Reading →

Trump Sides With Authoritarians in Mideast, Says He Doesn’t Care About Human Rights

Emboldened by US President Donald Trump, authoritarian leaders of the Mideast have cracked down on their perceived internal adversaries, with mass expulsions, arrests, deportations, media blackouts, shutdowns and even, in the case of Saudi Arabia, the murder of a journalist. In 2017, Middle Eastern countries cut off diplomatic and economic relations with Qatar, started saber-rattling... Continue Reading →

How ‘Collusion’ Happened: Six Sources

Felix Sater, a felon with ties to Russian organized crime, business associate of Donald Trump and longtime friend of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, promised in 2015 to engineer a business deal in Russia -- a Trump Tower in Moscow -- with the help of Russian President Vladimir Putin -- that he said would help Trump... Continue Reading →

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