Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination May Have Set the Nation Back 100 Years

Watch this on Youtube.com (Click through the video to watch all three sections) Abraham Lincoln was "not only a champion of freedom, democracy and national unity" but continues to be a source of personal inspiration to millions, writes¬†Michael Burlingame in his definitive two-volume 2024-page biography, "Abraham Lincoln: A Life." I had the privilege to hear... Continue Reading →


Why Lincoln Matters, By Mario Cuomo

Why Lincoln Matters: Today More Than Ever is a book by former NY Governor Mario Cuomo, published in 2004. It addressed such issues as¬†pre-emptive war, taxes and religion in politics. Cuomo pointed out that Lincoln never belonged to an organized religion or joined a church and seemed to be a rationalist rather than a conventional... Continue Reading →

Lincoln on Property Rights

"Each time there is a conflict between the rights of man and the rights of property, the rights of man must prevail." -- Abraham Lincoln Comments Ron said... Lincoln didn't think this one through. Property rights and human rights are inextricably intertwined for the simple reason that the most valuable property any man can own... Continue Reading →

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