Political Profiles of the States, Swing States and Tracking Polls

Ballotpedia has published political profiles of each state, courtesy of the Almanac of American Politics 2016. Reading these profiles are essential to fully understanding American politics. The largest states lean heavily toward one candidate: New York, Illinois (Chicago), the Northeast and the West coast states (California, Washington, Oregon) are generally considered Democratic or Clinton territory;... Continue Reading →


Holding Up A Mirror to America

"One of the functions of elections is to hold up a mirror to society and to reflect what voters are feeling and what they want through the electoral process. And those feelings of anger and anxiety coming to the surface are defining the 2016 elections." -- Mara Liasson, National Public Radio, "Here's Why Voters Are... Continue Reading →

Hillary: ‘Salieri to Obama’s Mozart’

Anyone who follows politics closely should watch and/or read Hillary Clinton's valedictory address ending her campaign and endorsing Barack Obama. The naysayers who claimed she was just on an ego trip and did not have a large, devoted, and enthusiastic following, was not justified in continuing her campaign after losing North Carolina, and does not... Continue Reading →

Lost Souls of the 2008 Presidential Campaign

I at least want to scan some of the new books offering "behind-the-scenes" accounts of the 2008 presidential campaign, what was probably one of the most fascinating campaigns in American history. "Game Change," by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, looks to be well-written and well-reported, at least based on the excerpt in New York magazine... Continue Reading →

Seven Tough Questions for Barack Obama

With a little help from Mac Secrest, and inspired by the blog comment of Deb Bridges, a "Republican for Change," I decided to write down a few of my "tough questions for Barack Obama," to play devil's advocate. 1. INEXPERIENCE: You've been compared to John F. Kennedy in the excitement that you generate, but also... Continue Reading →

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