Trump’s Base: White Male Voters Without College Degrees. But He Won Whites With College Degrees As Well

In 2016, Donald Trump performed best among white voters without college degrees, a shrinking demographic. But he shockingly won white voters with college degrees as well. Wpost: "Trump, according to exit poll data, earned the votes of 60 percent of white men and 52 percent of white women...The exit polls indicated that he had won 88 percent of... Continue Reading →

The Endangered American Middle Class

Vice President Joe Biden, a product of the middle class who has remained middle class, defined that demographic this way, as The Washington Post reported: “The middle class is not a number; it’s a value set. It’s being able to own your house and not have to rent it; it’s being able to send your... Continue Reading →

Profile of the American Voter

Update: this turned out to be off-base. Trump won college-educated white voters, especially men. Turnout was not necessarily a crucial factor, as more people voted than in 2012, except in Pennsylvania and possibly Wisconsin. The "up-for-grabs" educated white voters who usually voted Republican stayed loyal to the party.  Blame Trump's Victory on College-Educated Whites, Not the... Continue Reading →

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