Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME): Social Media Authoritarianism Threatens Democracy

Senator Susan Collins, Republican from Maine: "We live in a time of such great disunity as the bitter fight over this (Kavanaugh) nomination both in the Senate and among the public clearly demonstrates. It is not merely a case of different groups having different opinions. It is a case of people bearing extreme ill will... Continue Reading →


A Speech Resonates: Senator Margaret Chase Smith (R-ME), Profile in Courage Against Joe McCarthy

In June, 1950, a freshman Republican senator from the state of Maine took her political life in her hands by challenging a hateful demagogue, fellow Republican Senator Joe McCarthy. Margaret Chase Smith (1897-1995), the first and only woman to serve in the US Senate for many years, offered a "Declaration of Conscience" that has become... Continue Reading →

Patterns of Political History: Every Action Creates Reaction

Politics is like physics, in that waves or movements spark equal and opposite counter-movements. Or as the philosopher Hagel observed of history, ideas or thesis spark antithesis and eventually synthesis. Revolutions create counter-revolutions and, in democratic societies, evolution. 1. The Obama "Revolution" of 2008-10 created the Tea Party and Trump Counter-revolutions of 2010-16. While they... Continue Reading →

Crazies of the Left and Right Threaten Freedom

A long-time tactic of extremists and terrorists is to put mainstream "moderates" in a constant state of reaction, to essentially eliminate the middle by forcing people to choose between left-wing anarchists (or socialists and communists) engaging in violence to challenge what they perceive as an anti-democratic regime and right-wing fascists engaging in violence to defend... Continue Reading →

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