Obedience to Political Party Narratives Is Now Required By Right and Left, As the US Embraces Authoritarianism

I lived in authoritarian regimes where there was lack of due process and almost tribal presumptions of guilt and innocence. Both the right and the left (and this medium) are pushing the US in an authoritarian direction. "Please resist the temptation to follow hyper-partisan instincts in the Kavanaugh-Ford case," I wrote on Facebook, along with... Continue Reading →


Trump’s Brownshirts and Left-wing Extremists Bully, Threaten Violence

Phone, email and in-person threats became so frightening that Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford moved out of her home.  Her email was hacked and she was impersonated online. Trump accuser Stormy Daniels reports hate mail, personal threats, and even threats against her daughter. CNN reporters and producers are regularly threatened by Trump supporters, even... Continue Reading →

Traits of Fascism. Is You-Know-Who A Fascist?

"As a political ideology, fascism has eight main traits. As a political movement, it has three more," writes historian John McNeill, a professor of history at Georgetown University.  Then he grades Donald Trump on each characteristic: Hyper-nationalism.  Militarism. Glorification of violence and readiness to use it in politics. Fetishization of youth. Fetishization of masculinity. Leader... Continue Reading →

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