Liberal Facebook, Conservative Facebook

Maybe this is one reason Americans are so divided. We seem to feel increasingly entitled to our own set of facts, not simply our own opinions, and unable to distinguish fact-based reporting from propaganda, fraudulent "news sites" and even deliberate lies. This is a very dangerous trend. None of us and no ideology is ever... Continue Reading →

Famous Attack Ads Throughout Political History

Remarkably, Republican front-runner Donald Trump's campaign has produced almost no positive television advertising, other than a couple of ads featuring voters echoing Trump's mantra, "Make America Great Again," whatever that means. Beyond anger at the establishment, and rage at "political correctness" and illegal immigration, one wonders what his deeper campaign themes actually are. He brags... Continue Reading →

America’s Political Party System Has Been Hacked

The unexpected political events of 2016 may be explained by societal disruptions caused by a combination of new communications technologies (social media, Twitter and reality television), demographic changes (minorities become the majority; white European culture no longer dominates), economic limitations (anxiety that the American Dream is dying for the middle class), disillusionment with economic advancement... Continue Reading →

Hillary Can Be Inspirational

Hillary, like every other politician, can be inspiring sometimes and most of the time, not inspiring. The Kennedys were inarticulate and not very inspirational in a lot of speeches, but the ones that are remembered are deeply inspirational. I saw Obama speak in 2007 and, as I inspected him as a potential president, judged him... Continue Reading →

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