How Democratic Nomination Contest Will Play Out

The Democratic race for the 2020 nomination has winnowed to five serious candidates,based on early fundraisng and poll numbers. Bernie Sanders is losing momentum fast to Elizabeth Warren, trailing badly in IA and NH. The other serious candidates are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg. Next comes the process of elimination. Biden must win... Continue Reading →

New Online Tools for Progressive Campaigns in 2020

Campaigns that master online media have won every election since 2000, I concluded in multiple analyses, so 2020 bears watching. At least 10 Democratic presidential candidates, the Democratic National Committee and quite a number of Democratic congressional candidates have signed up with for 2020, to allow volunteers to schedule online or in-person canvassing, communication... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Warren, Populist and Democrats’ Thatcher, ‘If They Dare’

Elizabeth Warren, a populist and "conviction politician" among "flaccid centrist consensus" politicians, could be the Democrats' Margaret Thatcher, "if they dare," George Will writes. Warren might emulate Thatcher's style, toughness, and ability to change the political landscape by her strong ideas and principled positions, but she is, obviously, of a very different political persuasion than... Continue Reading →

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