US Interventions Since the 1950s

To understand why much of the world has a love-hate relationship with the United States, one needs only to delve deeper into the litany of US interventions since the 1950s that Suzy Hansen chronicled in The (UK) Guardian, in an article titled: "Unlearning the Myth of American Innocence": The sheer number of international interventions the US launched in... Continue Reading →


New Parlor Game: Does Trump Engage in Strategic Thinking or Impulsivity?

When Donald Trump tweets vaguely that the US must expand its nuclear arsenal, he seems to be calling for a new nuclear arms race. He shows "a woeful grasp of how the world, and wars, work today," writes Simon Jenkins in The (UK) Guardian, nervously questioning what Trump means. I might add: When Trump pops off... Continue Reading →

Diplomacy Vs. ‘Appeasement’

A central theme of the campaign between Barack Obama and John McCain is the differing approach toward America's adversaries. It will be interesting to see if the conservative meme that Obama is naive on foreign policy, soft on terrorism and national defense, and too eager to meet with America's enemies will stick. Speaking before the... Continue Reading →

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