‘Made for TV Election’: 1980, Explodes Myth of Liberal Media Bias

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeJxuOVXEm8 Description A William Brandon Shanley film available at Amazon.com. "Pertinent, powerful, persuasive. Handsomely produced... Brilliant." -- Los Angeles Times. "Profoundly enlightening. A devastation look at television's impact on the presidency." -- Helen Thomas. "This film should be seen by every American in every city and town." -- Norman Lear, TV Creator. Hollywood star and... Continue Reading →


Warnings from Hamilton Jordan’s Brilliant Campaign for Jimmy Carter: Amateurish White House Performance Followed

In reading the obituary for┬áHamilton Jordan, Jimmy Carter's chief of staff, and retrospectives on his life, I am reminded what a brilliant primary campaign Jordan and Carter ran, as Washington outsiders. But then, when they got to Washington, the very strengths that got Carter elected proved to be weaknesses. The PBS American Experience website recalls:... Continue Reading →

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