No Historical Parallel to Trump’s Disastrous Start

I cannot remember any historical parallel where a new president faced such legal challenges so early. Even the besieged Jimmy Carter had an eight-month honeymoon of popularity before the Bert Lance "scandal" erupted and valued aide Lance was forced to resign. He was eventually cleared of wrongdoing, but not until 1980. A special counsel was... Continue Reading →


Greens, Libertarians, Pro-gun Democrats, FBI Director James Comey and Voting Restrictions May Have Cost Clinton the Election

Lesson for Democrats: advocating gun control can cost you Michigan, e Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and possibly a presidential election. Appealing to pro-gun Democrats and independents, the National Rifle Association took credit for Trump's 2016 victories in big hunting states. That, along with the abandonment of Clinton by anti-Trump Greens and Libertarians in states like Wisconsin... Continue Reading →

37 Reasons Hillary Lost. Misogyny Was At Least One

This meme offers 37 reasons Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election. Susan Bordo contributes to understanding it with The Destruction of Hillary Clinton,  how the right and left vilified and brought down "an extraordinarily well-qualified, experienced, and admired candidate" through a combination of smears and misogyny. She compares the treatment of Hillary to that of Anne Boleyn,... Continue Reading →

10 Suspicions of a Hacked Election

We need to know more about "hacks" that could have changed the election result: Russian hacks: Did Russia install Trump as US President? (Newsweek).How Russia Pulled Off the Biggest Election Hack in U.S. History  (Esquire). What are the connections, if any, between Trump aides or supporters and Russian hackers or Russian oligarchs? The NYTimes is... Continue Reading →

How Hillary Could Lose

James Hohlman, Washington Post: Hillary could lose if she makes the following mistakes: Complacency. 2. Unforced Errors and Gaffes. 3. Not Inspiring. 4. Not being likeable enough. 5.  Move too far to the right. 6. Move too far to the left. 7. Bungling VP selection. 8. Allowing herself to get defined as an insider. 9. Not... Continue Reading →

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