Ronald Reagan the Liberal

By todays's standards, Ronald Reagan was a liberal. He signed amnesty for millions of "illegals" and two large tax increases. His 1981 tax cut mostly allowed the states to raise taxes and get more revenue. He was the first divorced president who didn't attend church regularly, except when invited to "preach" to evangelicals who bought... Continue Reading →


Since WWII, Some Conservatives Have Opposed All Negotiation, All Deals

Conservatives Called Reagan 'Neville Chamberlain' For Arms Deal with Gorbachev...and seem to always prefer confrontation and war, equate negotiation with weakness. I don't yet buy into the neo-con hunger for perpetual war, a new Cold War, war with Iran, and returning US troops on the ground in Iraq, to profit America's military contractors. Russia could... Continue Reading →

‘Made for TV Election’: 1980, Explodes Myth of Liberal Media Bias Description A William Brandon Shanley film available at "Pertinent, powerful, persuasive. Handsomely produced... Brilliant." -- Los Angeles Times. "Profoundly enlightening. A devastation look at television's impact on the presidency." -- Helen Thomas. "This film should be seen by every American in every city and town." -- Norman Lear, TV Creator. Hollywood star and... Continue Reading →

Ronald Reagan the Liberal; JFK the Conservative

The Republican Party's nostalgia for Ronald Reagan, their most popular president in modern memory, has grown since he left office in 1989. Thanks to his background as an actor, his ability to speak with humor, tell well-spun anecdotes (true or not) and literary-minded speechwriters like Peggy Noonan, Reagan was without question a "great communicator" that... Continue Reading →

Reagan Did Not Win the Cold War

When Ronald Reagan died, many commentators and admirers gave him credit for beating communism and winning the Cold War. But Mikhail Gorbachev, who attended Reagan's funeral and admired him, said such a belief was "not serious." A new book by Jack Matlock called Reagan and Gorbachevsubstantiates the notion that BOTH were responsible for an end... Continue Reading →

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