Jeb: America Moving Toward ‘Military Inferiority’

In keeping with his brother's neo-con advisors who believed in a muscular, interventionist American foreign policy, including an ill-conceived and poorly-executed invasion and occupation of Iraq, Jeb Bush in his announcement speech accused Barack Obama of seeking "military inferiorityā€¯ for the United States. How in the world is the nation that spends more on defense... Continue Reading →


Too Much Uncritical Reverence for American Military Actually Hurts Soldiers

It's ironic that certain factions within American "conservativism" want to give a blank check to the American military, and have had unquestioning faith in the ability of American "big government" to transform places like Iraq and Afghanistan, and currently tend to be trigger-happy in deploying American forces in the world's hotspots. This seems to be... Continue Reading →

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