John Adams Put Principles Above Politics

John Adams, as portrayed in the David McCullough biography and seven-part HBO miniseries, was often a blunt-spoken man who placed principle above political expediency. His loyalty was to "a government of laws and not of men," to facts not the wishful thinking of a partisan mob. "Facts are stubborn things," Adams said in 1774 after... Continue Reading →


America ‘Does Not Go Abroad in Search of Monsters to Destroy’

Portrait of John Quincy Adams from Wikipedia Commons. On July 4, 1821, while serving as Secretary of State to President James Madison, John Quincy Adams¬†(1767-1848)¬†gave a historic address to Congress, upon rumors of increasing European influence in the Americas. Unlike European colonial powers, America is not corrupt, has not sought wider dominion beyond its own... Continue Reading →

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