Is Kansas (Finally) Trending Democratic?

Ever since journalist and historian Thomas Frank published What's the Matter with Kansas? How Republicans Won the Heart of America in 2004, Democrats have deplored what they believed was the trend of working class citizens voting against their self-interest. But that trend may be abating. Arch-conservative governor Sam Brownback, who sought to create a red-state model... Continue Reading →

Can Mississippi Ever Overcome White Supremacist Image?

Mississippi has been a one-party white supremacist state since post-reconstruction days. It was solidly segregationist Democrat state for nearly 100 years, until the 1980s. It supported Southerner Jimmy Carter, who denounced segregation, in 1976, but then switched to Ronald Reagan in 1980. It has remained predictably Republican in national politics ever since. Mike Espy, an... Continue Reading →

Voter Turnout Determines Midterms

Party enthusiasm determines turn-out in midterms, which generally averages one-third of eligible voters compared to more than 50 percent of voters in presidential years. Thomas Mills of Politics North Carolina pointed out that Democrats essentially sat out the last two midterm elections. "In 2010 and 2014, over half of registered Republicans voted as opposed to 44%... Continue Reading →

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