Withdrawal from Paris Climate Deal Pleases Small Businesses, Enrages and Energizes Environmental Activists

Trump's pulling out of the Paris climate deal "adds passion to the left, which brings us one step closer to Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi,” says Republican consultant John Weaver of Ohio. It means "real trouble for our party." It will mean new money and new energy to oppose those who think global warming is a hoax.... Continue Reading →


Understanding Iowa, Wisconsin Trump Voters

Iowa and Wisconsin were two states that shockingly went for Trump after strongly supporting Obama in two elections. These Iowans voted for Trump. Many of them are already disappointed (Washington Post). Will Trump Democrats in Wisconsin Swing Back to Their Party? (NPR) The other key swing states were Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida. It's important for reporters... Continue Reading →

Anger and Mourning on the American Right

In "Strangers in the Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right," sociologist Arlie Hochschild probes the emotions of America's conservative base, to understand those who see government as more of a problem than solution, to "build the scaffolding of an empathy bridge." "We, on both sides, wrongly imagine that empathy with 'the other'... Continue Reading →

Andrew Jackson a Hero to Trump Supporters

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) describes how Donald Trump supporters in his state and elsewhere harken back to the populism of President Andrew Jackson (in a speech that shows far more policy knowledge than your typical Trump speech). The speech is brimming with resentment at Obama's foreign policy and undefined "elites." And yet he takes a... Continue Reading →

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