‘Real’ Al Gore Did Not Come Through in 2000 Election

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2weWz55UJog The Al Gore who was on stage in the 2000 election campaign was too often stiff, rigid, repetitive, boring. Behind the scenes, he was quite humorous and likeable. To this day, I don't understand why the campaign did not reveal the "real Al Gore." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suv1hcBA3PY But I made my peace with Gore not assuming... Continue Reading →


Vision of a New Democracy: Internet Gives Citizens Chance to Reconnect With Politics

This piece was originally written in August, 1995, revised in 1999, and again shortly after the 2000 elections. Americans desperately need a new political organizing strategy -- a new way to reconnect with the ideal of participatory democracy, to reclaim power from the political and media elites who control too much of the process, and... Continue Reading →

Internet Innovations in 2000 Presidential Campaign

George Bush and Al Gore attempted to inspire and mobilize volunteers and contributors through their web sites. Subscribers to campaign e-mail newsletters received frequent updates, were asked to make telephone calls and recruit others. The campaigns used online databases to build one-to-one relationships with supporters, with customized content for specific groups, such as veterans and... Continue Reading →

New Era of Participatory Democracy?

Three out of five Americans now have access to the Internet, and millions of them now use their computers to participate in the political process. Seventy percent of voters had access to the Internet in November, 2000, according to a study by Dataquest. We may even be entering a new era of participatory democracy, where... Continue Reading →

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