Will Republicans Offend Voters Enough to Lose the House in 2018?

A Republican congressman from Alabama says rocks falling into the ocean cause sea levels to rise. He and his GOP colleagues assert that "the Earth is not warming. The White Cliffs of Dover are tumbling into the sea and causing sea levels to rise. Global warming is helping grow the Antarctic ice sheet," Science News... Continue Reading →


5 States and 215 Counties Switched from Obama to Trump

The 2016 election was decided by five counties in two states, Florida and Michigan, Trump pollster┬áTony Fabrizio says. Trump under-performed in Texas, Arizona, and Georgia, but it made no difference. If Trump lost Macomb County in Michigan, a traditionally Democratic suburb of Detroit which famously went for Reagan, and these four counties in Florida --... Continue Reading →

Political Profiles of the States, Swing States and Tracking Polls

Ballotpedia has published political profiles of each state, courtesy of the Almanac of American Politics 2016. Reading these profiles are essential to fully understanding American politics. The largest states lean heavily toward the Democrats: New York, Illinois (Chicago), the Northeast and the West Coast states (California, Washington, Oregon) are generally considered Democratic, in contrast to... Continue Reading →

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