Nash County, NC — a National Microcosm — Routinely Swings Politically

NPR: Nash County, NC, county seat Nashville, close to I-95 near the city of Rocky Mount, "lives on a balance beam. In 2008, it went for John McCain over Barack Obama. In 2012, Obama narrowly beat Mitt Romney in Nash County. In 2016, it was Trump by fewer than 100 votes." So it's important to check … Continue reading Nash County, NC — a National Microcosm — Routinely Swings Politically

‘Trumpism’ May Be Temporary Setback

Ruy Teixeira is optimistic about a progressive triumph against Trump and the Republicans. "Liberals Will Beat Trump in the End," he wrote in Washington Post: "The dominant ideology in the United States is one that combines 'symbolic conservatism' (honoring tradition, distrusting novelty, embracing the conservative label) with “operational liberalism” (wanting government to take more action in … Continue reading ‘Trumpism’ May Be Temporary Setback

Understanding Iowa, Wisconsin Trump Voters

Iowa and Wisconsin were two states that shockingly went for Trump after strongly supporting Obama in two elections. These Iowans voted for Trump. Many of them are already disappointed (Washington Post). Will Trump Democrats in Wisconsin Swing Back to Their Party? (NPR) The other key swing states were Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida. It's important for reporters … Continue reading Understanding Iowa, Wisconsin Trump Voters

Social Media Is Hurting Democracy

Liberals and conservatives have one thing in common: zero interest in learning how and what those they disagree with actually think. Click. Talking past each other is deeply unhealthy for our entire political system. A functioning democracy requires that citizens make informed choices — which voters can’t do if their information sources are ideologically monochromatic. … Continue reading Social Media Is Hurting Democracy

Are Liberals Helping Trump?

Conservative voters feel assaulted by "moral Bolshevism," a belief that the liberal vision is the only right one. SABRINA TAVERNISE in the NYT asks if liberals are helping Trump by expressing such intolerance for conservative beliefs, and pushing people who aren't comfortable with many of Trump's actions into his camp. She reports on interviews with … Continue reading Are Liberals Helping Trump?

Seizing Assets of The Accused Becomes Even Bigger Business Under Trump

Local, state and federal agencies seizing the assets -- money or property -- of individuals accused but not convicted of crimes has become big business -- from $93.7 million in revenue in 1986 to $4.5 billion in 2014 -- and the Trump administration wants to make it even bigger business. He wants to seize the … Continue reading Seizing Assets of The Accused Becomes Even Bigger Business Under Trump