Will Republicans Offend Voters Enough to Lose the House in 2018?

A Republican Congressman from Nebraska wants to slash food stamps and refuses to say that Americans are entitled to eat. In other words, it's ok if they starve. A Republican candidate for Congress in Montana assaults a reporter but still manages to win a special election. Another declares that "nobody dies" for lack of health insurance,... Continue Reading →


Nash County, NC — a National Microcosm — Routinely Swings Politically

NPR: Nash County, NC, county seat Nashville, close to I-95 near the city of Rocky Mount, "lives on a balance beam. In 2008, it went for John McCain over Barack Obama. In 2012, Obama narrowly beat Mitt Romney in Nash County. In 2016, it was Trump by fewer than 100 votes." So it's important to check... Continue Reading →

Political Profiles of the States, Swing States and Tracking Polls

Ballotpedia has published political profiles of each state, courtesy of the Almanac of American Politics 2016. Reading these profiles are essential to fully understanding American politics. The largest states lean heavily toward one candidate: New York, Illinois (Chicago), the Northeast and the West coast states (California, Washington, Oregon) are generally considered Democratic or Clinton territory;... Continue Reading →

North Carolina Democrats in 2016 Sought to Harness Public Outrage Against Status Quo. It Worked, Barely, for Gov. Roy Cooper

UPDATED, 2017: American voters in 2016 decided to "turn the page." It was an anti-status quo election. This was a difficult message for the incumbent Republican governor of North Carolina to embrace, since he had been in charge since 2013. He lost, barely. After four terms as Attorney General of North Carolina, Roy Cooper beat incumbent Republican... Continue Reading →

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