Historical Forces Greater Than A President Shape Events

Constant focus on the US President supports the flawed theory of the great and indispensable men and women, or evil ones, who shape events. The more I read of history, the more I believe that ideas, flawed thinking on the part of small-minded but well-intentioned people, social movements, economic forces, and technology usually shape events more than individuals shape events.
Deep-seated global forces of history, technology, demographics, social movements are shaking up international politics, electoral maps and will redefine liberalism and conservatism.
Trump has, temporarily at least, redefined conservatism as protectionist, anti-immigrant, anti-minority in an increasingly minority-majority country. He is fiscally irresponsible, hostile to a free press and independent judiciary, supportive of autocracy, oligarchy, in favor of eminent domain to seize private land on the 1500-mile border to build a $26 billion wall. That can’t be a winning position in the long run, can it?
Surely a majority of the voters do not support those positions, and candidates who support Trump will be very vulnerable.
This is an opportunity to redefine liberalism.
In a democratic system, power is supposed to be shared. “Only I can fix it,” Trump asserted in his acceptance speech. If only Hillary Clinton won the election, some of her supporters believe, all would be well in the US. I don’t believe that. Clinton would have been frustrated and hamstrung by forces beyond her control, as Trump is.

Power is shared by three branches of the federal government, plus state and local governments. Presidents who do not respect the separation of powers and the other branches of government should not last.


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