Time to Repudiate ‘Dear Leader’

Trump’s election may be seen as better in the long run for our country than Clinton’s if we survive his presidency. He has ignited or strengthened grassroots movements to reduce gun violence, to reduce discrimination, harassment and abuse of women (“me too”) and minorities suffering from police brutality. We have seen the end of the moves to “repeal and replace” Obamacare and totally gut the Dodd-Frank financial reform.

Republican criticism of Obama’s economic stimulus and increasing the deficit have proven to be fraudulent. They are now responsible for a $7 trillion deficit, having passed an unneeded stimulus/tax cut when the economy is humming strongly.

If Trump faces a Democratic House in 2019, it will likely impeach him. Republicans will have to decide whether they are loyal to principles, the rule of law or their autocratic leader. Principled conservatives should feel very defensive about Trump, prepare to lose their shirts in the midterm elections and face electoral doom unless they repudiate their dear leader.


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