Democratic Leaders for the Future

It’s time for progressives to turn the page from mourning Hillary Clinton’s loss, Bernie Sanders’ loss, and Donald Trump’s win. Here are 10 national Democratic leaders for the future, according to Mother Jones:

  • CA. Senator Kamilla Harris,
  • MN Senator Amy Klobuchar,
  • IL Senator Tammy Duckworth,
  • NJ Senator Cory Booker,
  • NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand,
  • VA Senator Tim Kaine,
  • CT Senator Chris Murphy, and
  • CO Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Michelle Obama also makes the list, but I see no indication she is interested in holding elective office. MJ includes former MD governor Martin O’Malley, but he did not make a positive impression when he ran briefly in 2015. There has been speculation that MN’s other senator, Al Franken, could make a strong run, given American culture’s tendency to blend politics and entertainment, but he expresses no interest in running for president.

The problem with this list is that the candidates mostly come from Democratic states, furthering the sharp partisan divide in the US. Only CO is a swing state, and I doubt the more conservative Hickenlooper could win a national Democratic primary campaign. How about Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown or Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin?

Democrats have only a few governors capable of running a national campaign in 2020. I’m sure Terry McAuliffe of Virginia would like to run, but his closeness to the Clintons means he’d unlikely “turn the page” enough for voters exhausted by “Clinton fatigue.” There’s Mark Dayton of Minnesota, who also served as US Senator from 2001 to 2007.


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