Conservative/Republican Angst Is Just Desserts

The conservative movement and Republican Party seem to be imploding with infighting over Donald Trump. Less than four months after Donald Trump took office, at least two Republican members of Congress are floating the idea of Trump’s impeachment (Source:  Others are fantasizing about President Mike Pence. Conservative discussion boards are fraught with infighting, criticism of Trump and accusations of betrayal. Such angst is their just desserts since they knew Trump was unfit to be president in 2016 but accepted him anyway even though he clearly appealed to people’s worst instincts: fear, reaction, bigotry,  disrespect for democracy and the rule of law. The party was unified on nothing except hatred of Hillary and liberals. Hatred was what unified them. They have few positive ideas, unifying principles or consistent intellectual foundation, only a craven hunger for power and dominance. Their detailed policy proposals on the budget are deeply unpopular. Maybe if they betray the principle of fiscal austerity that they asserted when Obama was president and actually work with Democrats, they can pass an infrastructure spending bill.

The GOP Congress has no hope of major tax reform. Their health care proposal is a disaster. If they pass it they commit political suicide. Same with Trump’s budget. They are hopelessly divided on immigration.

And yet, in rural America, such as Kentucky, Trump is still popular and his support remains solid.


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