Descent into Trolling

FB page of a “conservative friend” today has numerous posts from his network

  • ridiculing citizens exercising their constitutional rights as if they have no legitimate reason to protest,
  • defending executive orders that courts have declared illegal, and
  • trading barbs over which political ideology is a mental disorder.
  • His compatriots declare taxation is theft and
  • the Roosevelts were bad presidents.
  • Is this what deliberative democracy in America has descended to?

I retorted: “According to you guys, we would be better off without taxation, child labor laws, regulations against monopolistic practices, workplace and safety rules, minimum wage laws, meat inspection and food health laws, sanitation inspections…You would turn the clock back more than 100 years…”

Then a liberal jumped in and posted a conspiracy theory that Putin is staging a coup of America by buying off Trump. When my conservative friend expressed skepticism, she pounced, saying it was his responsibility to prove the allegations are false.

I came to his defense.

It is not his responsibility to “prove the speculations are unfounded.” It is the responsibility or burden of those who suspect the allegations are true to prove them. That is the way our system works. Innocent until proven guilty. We Americans are not supposed to be in favor of a lynch mob mentality against anyone, even Donald Trump. Nor in favor of guilt by association. That’s not who we are.

Specialists in online media are advising us all to engage in more political discussions online. Donald Trump trolled us all. Here’s what we should learn from it.

God help us. Where will it all lead? Nowhere good, I fear.


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