Potential Positives of a President Trump

Trump could be good for America if he

  • seeks common ground with Democrats, ends gridlock, and gets deals done on issues like universal child care benefits, health care reform, bulk purchases of pharmaceuticals, immigration, and funding for infrastructure improvements; forces Republicans to agree to progressive policies they would never agree to with Obama. The devil will be in the details.
  • sparks revulsion from both Dems and Republicans at unethical behavior, conflicts of interest, violations of Bill of Rights, and Russia connection so that members of Congress agree to impeach and remove him within two years;
  • ushers in a new era of bipartisanship, Democrats and Republicans united either for certain policies and/or against certain Trump behavior;
  • ignites such a negative reaction that Republicans who refuse to hold Trump accountable to the Constitution are swept out of Congress in two years. Trump is so unpopular that he doesn’t dare run for re-election in 2020, or Republicans go down to landslide defeat, losing Congress by a wide margin, ushering in a new progressive era that finally passes single payer health care reform, universal child care benefits, affordable college and low-interest loans for students and parents, and a host of other reforms.

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