Death of Conservatism?

Trump represents “the resurgence of Pat Buchanan-ism (ph). Pat Buchanan has emerged as the prophet and forerunner of a real economic nationalism on the right, and Donald Trump is now its tribune. This is not movement ideology which is all about limited government, the power of free markets and also internationally – globalism. And Donald Trump very clearly said America first. That is a traditional right wing, but also very isolationist. That takes us back to the era of the 1920s, when there were immigration restrictions, and also to the isolationism before World War II.”– Sam Tanenhaus, author of The Death of Conservatism (2009) in NPR interview.

Tanenhaus sees Trump, whose popularity is low, as an underdog in the power struggle with traditional congressional conservatives and his vice president, Mike Pence. Watch who will have to accommodate whom the most. If Trump can “rally audiences behind him, we could see a very interesting intra-party war of a kind we haven’t seen in a really long time…His brand of Republican politics, which isn’t ideologically conservative, might actually have a bigger broader constituency, and the party now seems to be aware of that, maybe even frightened of it.”

If Trump is successful, he will transform American conservatism from a globalist, Wall Street, free-trade party into a nationalist, populist and isolationist party.

Trump, a leftist on foreign trade, is supported by Bernie Sanders & labor unions.

John McCain says Trump’s decision to withdraw from TPP “harmful …

CBS News: Sen. John McCain said Tuesday that President Trump’s decision to back away from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is “harmful” to the U.S. …

They also appear to agree about the profiteering of Big Pharma.

“The Death of Conservatism,” published in 2009, was an expanded version of an essay that originally ran in The New Republic.


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