New Parlor Game: Does Trump Engage in Strategic Thinking or Impulsivity?

When Donald Trump tweets vaguely that the US must expand its nuclear arsenal, he seems to be calling for a new nuclear arms race. He shows “a woeful grasp of how the world, and wars, work today,” writes Simon Jenkins in The (UK) Guardian, nervously questioning what Trump means. I might add:
When Trump pops off on Twitter and seems to destabilize the US-China-Taiwan relationship, is this strategic thinking?
I heard a China expert, John Pomfret, author of “The Beautiful Country And The Middle Kingdom” about the 300-year history between America and China,  on NPR say Trump’s attention to Taiwan could result in mainland China putting the screws  on Taiwan because Trump has shoved the Taiwan issue in their faces publicly.
When Trump retweeted stuff by white supremacists, was this a strategic move, a shrewd attempt to validate their thinking and let them know he’s hearing them and respecting them, and energizing them as part of his base, or was it an impulsive move in which he wasn’t aware what he was doing?
Are Trump’s fact-absent tweets simply careless or an attempt to distract the media from more substantive issues? Are his hostile tweets targeting people who’ve criticized him innocent pop-offs or a way of alerting his goonish followers to harass and threaten those who criticize him? Certainly, he should have known the consequences of his actions.
A friend responds: “Who knows? This will be a parlor game for political analysts and shrinks, both professional and amateur, for the foreseeable future.”
If Trump continues tweeting as president, he sure will be playing a dangerous, and very unpresidential game that makes the world very nervous.

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