10 Suspicions of a Hacked Election

We need to know more about “hacks” that could have changed the election result:

  1. Russian hacks: Did Russia install Trump as US President? (Newsweek).How Russia Pulled Off the Biggest Election Hack in U.S. History  (Esquire). What are the connections, if any, between Trump aides or supporters and Russian hackers or Russian oligarchs? The NYTimes is skeptical of efforts to overturn the election.
  2. Wikileaks: Why did Wikileaks target only the Clinton campaign and not the Trump campaign during the election? This showed clear bias. While there were no devastating revelations from Wikileaks, the electronic “break-in” did probably throw Clinton’s team off balance. Much more needs to be learned about this. Google search. “How a single typo led to the unraveling of Clinton’s campaign.”
  3. Trump University:  A trial to determine fraud by Trump University was delayed until after the election, when Trump settled the case for $25 million, essentially ADMITTING that students felt defrauded. If the case had gone forward before the election as originally scheduled, it might have changed the outcome of the election.More on Trump University.
  4. Trump Foundation admits to self-dealing in 2015 and previous years, after the election. Tax penalties must be paid. If this story were released before the elections, it could have influenced voters. More on Trump Foundation.
  5.  Smears against Hillary Clinton, double standard and hypocrisy about conflicts of interest. At the GOP convention and throughout the campaign, using a propagandistic hack job of a book and film called “Clinton Cash,” which received more than three million views on Youtube.com, Trump supporters screamed “lock her up.” Trump himself labeled her “Crooked Hillary” and promised to jail Clinton, calling her one of the most corrupt politicians ever to run for president. But shortly after the election, Trump reversed himself, and said he wouldn’t pursue an investigation of the Clintons, angering some of his most fervent supporters, who felt misled, betrayed, and “played,” especially since Trump himself has refused to put his holdings in a blind trust, and seems intent on selling influence and access to the U.S. government far worse than the accusations against the Clintons. As conservative writer Jennifer Rubin writes, “On Conflict of Interest, Trump May Be Worse Than Clinton.”
  6.  FBI interference: What were the rationales, internal pressures, timelines and thought processes within the FBI, and Director James Comey when, in October, he intervened in the election and destroyed Clinton’s momentum in the last two weeks, to announce that she was again under investigation in the email “scandal.” And then, three days before the election, after it was too late for her to restore her momentum, Comey released a second letter clearing Clinton of illegal activity. Peruse the many articles on this subject.
  7. Fake News: Both Google and Facebook are under fire for spreading fake news, particularly against Hillary Clinton, in the weeks before the election. Details. At least one of the major purveyors of fake news, who makes $10,000 a month writing “satire” that people believe, thinks his work contributed to Trump’s election.
  8. New ‘voter ID’ laws, reduced polling places, long lines for voting, dramatically reduced turnoutHow voter ID laws helped Donald Trump win the presidency. More on Voter ID laws. How many voters were turned away or their votes not counted?
  9. Hacking into electronic voting machines and alleged voter fraud: “Alleged irregularities in key states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin prompt demands for audits amid concern over foreign hackers,” The (UK) Guardian reports.  The University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society  has informed the Clinton campaign that there’s a “questionable trend” in electronic voting. She “received 7% fewer votes in counties that relied on electronic voting machines, suggesting they may have been hacked.”  Conservative activist James O’Keefe produced a video claiming voter fraud perpetrated by Clinton supporters. Was this real, or another of his misleading and faked videos (he had to pay nearly $100,000 for defaming a member of ACORN in 2012.) This may be worth investigation. Trump alleged that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens voted, but that charge has been thoroughly debunked.Did significant voter fraud exist on either side in the election? Search voter fraud, us election. See also Greg Palast’s work on voter purges and a “stolen election.” NYT: All This Talk of Voter Fraud? Across U.S., Officials Found Next to None
  10. Electoral College count is slanted to advantage rural states. If Trump had won the popular vote but lost the electoral college vote, you can be certain there would be screams of “unfair” and calls to abolish the electoral college. But for the second time in 16 year, Democrats won the popular vote and lost the electoral college. The rules, of course, cannot be changed after an election. And pragmatically, the only way the electoral college will be eliminated is if Republicans  eventually experience a similar loss, and the parties agree to scrap the e.c. as antiquated. Newt Gingrich repeatedly called for scrapping the electoral college, but has been silent about this year’s results.

Just one or two of these “hacks” could have changed the results of an election determined by less than 150,000 votes in three states.

Historians will probably be debating the “what if’s” of this election for decades if not centuries, one of the “slender threads” or “black swan events” that sway history.


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