Latino Vote for Trump Was Higher Than for Romney. How to Explain That?

Despite Donald Trump’s slurs of Latinos and hardline on immigration, 29 percent of Latinos voted for him, compared to 27% for Mitt Romney in 2012. Hillary Clinton won 65% of Latinos compared to 71% for Barack Obama in 2012.  How to explain that?

Latinos aren’t a monolith or a single voting block: there are many differences in the political views of Cubans, Mexicans and other Latino nationalities. Like other immigrants, those who came to America earlier may just as soon see paths to citizenship blocked now that they are here because they perceive that their own economic security may be endangered by competition for jobs. They may also resent immigrants who demand immigration rights and don’t want to struggle as much as they struggled.

Even so, in a “normal” election, if Democrats can count on winning 65% of the Latino vote, they should be in pretty good shape.

(Source: these are exit polls that may not be as reliable as later demographic studies of the electorate.)

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