Could Bernie Sanders Or Joe Biden Have Beaten Trump?

Democrats are working through “what if’s?” and possibly recriminations against Hillary Clinton.

Democrats wonder if Bernie Sanders could have beaten Trump (NPR). Some Sanders supporters believe he could have won Michigan, maybe Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Florida, where Clinton didn’t.

Zach Exley, author of Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything, says Trump won because he expressed the anger and frustration of the American people that their incomes have stagnated, or they have lost ground economically.

So Sanders might have beaten Trump. But I’m skeptical.

It’s extremely naive to presume Sanders would have won the election, or that DNC officials supporting Hillary was what deprived Sanders of the nomination. Republicans would have smeared him as a communist who wants to seize all private enterprise.

I have been involved in several elections in which party officials were opposed to a candidate, but they still won the primary. Sanders is 74 years old, he had less support among white working class voters and African Americans than Hillary. He is not the face of a successful Democratic future.

A friend who was a lukewarm Hillary supporter believes Joe Biden would have been a better candidate because he knows how to talk to working class whites. But of course Biden didn’t run, largely because his son died in 2015. I do not think he would have beaten Hillary for the nomination, nor Trump in the election.

Clinton had a passionate following of women eager to break the glass ceiling and loyal coterie that had followed her as First Lady and US Senator. I agree that her long career and long record in public life provided a lot of grist for the scandal mill, a big target for stories that distracted from her more positive message.

I doubt she is legally guilty of anything. Even the FBI director who interfered in the election said that her mistake regarding private server did not amount to a crime. In our country, people are innocent until proven guilty. Don’t follow mob rule.

I do not believe Biden, who lost ignominiously to Clinton and Obama in 2007, would have been able to turn out more voters. Republicans would have portrayed him as a boob. A guy who pops off like Trump.

Hillary won the popular vote. Trump won fewer votes than Romney. She lost because Obama voters from 2008 and 2012 did not turn out.

Some folks — enough to sway the election in several states — voted Libertarian or Green. To me this is the same phenomenon of purist progressives who supported Ralph Nader in 2000 instead of Al Gore. After George W. Bush’s Iraq debacle, many of them came to regret their decision.

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