Chatham County, NC: My Home County Went For Clinton…After Almost Supporting Bush in 2000 and 2004

Chatham County, NC is one of those sunbelt counties that is growing, due to an influx of people from other states, particularly up North, and becoming more progressive. In 2016, my home county, where I own a house, voted for Hillary Clinton. She won 20,953 to Trump’s 17,012. Write-ins and third party candidate won 1600 votes. Click.

In 2008, Chatham County, NC went 55% for Obama (17,783 votes) and 45% (14,591 votes) for McCain. In 2012, Obama’s margin of victory in the county was smaller by percentage, or 51% (18,361 votes) to Romney’s 16,665 votes, or 47.03%, similar percentages to what it was nationally.

In 2004, the county split 50-50 between George W. Bush and John Kerry, separated by just four votes out of about 25,000 cast (NC overall went 56% for Bush compared to 43% for Kerry). In the November 2000 election, Chatham County, like the country as a whole, was almost evenly split.Countywide, 10,248 people voted for Bush and 10,461 voted for Gore. (Source.)

The county’s population grew from 63,373 in 2008 to 65,976 estimated residents in 2012. By 2016, the estimated population was back down to 63,505, probably as a consequence of the Great Recession. Chatham hasn’t grown as fast as was projected back in 2006 when we bought property there.

Total Population 63,505 100
White 48,237 75
Black or African American 8,392 13
Hispanic or Latino 8,228 12
Some Other Race 4,619 7
Two or More Races 1,186 1
Asian 703 1
American Indian 344 Below 1%

Population By Races And Gender

Male Female Total
Total Population 30,654 32,851 63,505
White 23,241 24,996 48,237
Black or African American 3,879 4,513 8,392
Hispanic or Latino 4,347 3,881 8,228
Some Other Race 2,476 2,143 4,619
Two or More Races 588 598 1,186
Asian 288 415 703
American Indian 169 175 344



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