What If Trump Won Popular Vote But Lost in Electoral College?

There are some demonstrations in major cities of blue states in protest of Trump’s election. This is far less than what we would have seen if the shoe were on the other foot. Imagine if Trump won the popular vote but lost the electoral college vote, and kept to his statements that the system was rigged. I think we would probably see violence, militia shootouts, and even calls for civil war.

Even so, we’re seeing some serious backlash.

Acts of Hate Carried Out Since Trump Election

A marked increase in hate crimes

NYT: In New York City alone in the weeks since the election of Donald J. Trump, the police reported more than double the number of hate crimes over the same period the year before, particularly against Jews and Muslims. Swastikas with the message “Go Trump” defaced a Brooklyn Heights playground. In Washington, white supremacists called out “Hail Trump!” and hoisted Nazi salutes.

Annual white nationalist convention in D.C.

Discussion on Facebook of far left organizing demonstrations

One third of voters, mostly Trump supporters, said they could support secession, and if the self-serving irresponsibility of their leader extended post-election, we would be in very bad situation now.

Whatever else one thinks of Hillary, thank God for her sense of responsibility and respect for our democratic traditions and Constitution. Let us pray that Trump starts to show some respect for these traditions as well.

The election is legitimate, as Secretary Clinton quickly noted. Wish I had faith that Trump & co. played by the same rules.

  • Nearly one in three, or “29% of Americans could imagine a situation in which they would support the military seizing control of the federal government, while 41% could not imagine such a situation…43% of Republicans and 20% of Democrats say that they could conceive of a situation in which they would support a military coup in the United States,” according to a YouGov poll. “More to the point, only 32 percent of Republicans state unequivocally that they would not conceive of a situation in which they would support a military coup.” (See “The patriotic treason of the Republican base,” in Salon).

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