FBI’s New Investigation into Clinton Email Transforms Race into Toss-up


Donald Trump and his supporters are pinning their hopes of winning the election on an “October Surprise” days before voting ends, involving the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email practices.  The whole issue of Clinton’s email has been massively overblown from the beginning, but the FBI’s timing may slow Clinton’s momentum and chances of winning a landslide victory, or if disaster looms, a victory altogether.

Ken Crossland had a thoughtful piece about the controversy on Medium.com. “The Clinton email issue is a perfect confluence of inertia, bureaucracy, and the limits of technology in government. It was a bad solution to an even worse problem. How do you marry convenience, speed, secrecy, and accountability into one streamlined government communications package? You can’t….

The Washington Post reported in 2015 that one in three government employees were using personal email addresses to conduct business…

Clinton’s emails are the result of a lot of things, but criminality isn’t one of them. The government needs a serious revamping of their communications systems, their transparency, and a clearer grasp of just what workers in 2016 are expecting — and needing — from the tools that help them do such important state business.


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