Trump Supporter Predicts Bleak U.S. Under Another President Clinton

My friend who voted for Obama in 2008,  now a Trump supporter, is not optimistic about the future with Hillary Clinton as president. It will be interesting to read her predictions in a few years and see if they play out:

“I agree with Trump & Bernie that our entire political & media system is rigged in favor of the rich, powerful, & connected.  Witness Friends of Bill getting all of Haiti contracts after the earthquake including Hilliary’s sleazy brothers. (Mostly false. Factcheck this.)

“Unfortunate, Hilliary is probably going to win, & we will have 4 more yrs. of

  • a weak economy [US economy is strongest in the world, with almost full employment and low inflation. Granted, it still has weak spots.]
  • weak foreign policy [awfully general statement about the world’s only superpower with a huge number of military basis around the world.]
  • an Obamacare that doesn’t work & is going broke [mostly false]
  • open borders [Trump’s statements are mostly false, according to]
  • more Muslim Syrians that aren’t properly vetted [False GOP Theme: Unvetted Refugees, according to]
  • a corrupt VA system that is broken [Trump’s statements are mostly false, according to]
  • a corrupt IRS that targets its political opposition [Factcheck: this is wrong]
  • a justice department & FBI that are in collusion with Hilliary, [A presumption, without any evidence, that the Republican FBI Director was bought off by Clinton]
  • liberal Supreme Court justices, etc., etc.
  • Why did Hilliary destroy 33,000 emails with bleach bit if she had nothing to hide? (Factcheck: “The FBI found no evidence that the emails were deleted deliberately to avoid the subpoena or other requests. Clinton’s team requested for the emails to be deleted months before the subpoena came. They also argued that all the emails that would be relevant to the subpoena had already been turned over to the State Department.”)

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