Traits of Fascism. Is You-Know-Who A Fascist?

“As a political ideology, fascism has eight main traits. As a political movement, it has three more,” writes historian John McNeill, a professor of history at Georgetown University.  Then he grades Donald Trump on each characteristic:

  1. Hyper-nationalism. 
  2. Militarism.
  3. Glorification of violence and readiness to use it in politics.
  4. Fetishization of youth.
  5. Fetishization of masculinity.
  6. Leader cult.
  7. Lost-golden-age syndrome.
  8. Self-definition by opposition.
  9. Mass mobilization and mass party.
  10. Hierarchical party structure and tendency to purge the disloyal.
  11. Theatricality.

McNeill concludes that Trump is “the most dangerous threat to pluralist democracy in this country in more than a century” and “semi-fascist.”

But in comparison to real fascists in Germany, Spain and Portugal, “Trump is a loser. Even Spain’s Francisco Franco and Portugal’s António de Oliveira Salazar might score higher.”


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